Texas Hold'em Zynga Poker Scam

In 2011, with 38 million players, Zynga Poker was the world’s largest poker website. 2018 despite the increasing market competition, Zynga had a 6.3% market share in social casino games. Zynga and 38 million players became the most important online poker site 2011.

In 2012, after expanding competition, Zynga Poker held 6% of the social casino game market. The App was launched in June 2007 and is available via Facebook, Android and iPad. If you are a poker lover, this is the best option.

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Biggest Scam Poker Gaming App With Free Chips

People are playing decent hands with their bought chips from Zynga. Sometimes they lost all of their chips instantly to the bot. Maybe you earned many chips. In a few days, all of these chips will be removed by banning the Player’s accounts without showing any cause or by their bot.

Zynga games were fun at the beginning of the 2010s. But over ten years, this game’s illogical activities have increased rapidly, which is no fun anymore. People who still buy chips, beware! You are spending money on a rich scammer. Who has been scamming people for ages, and now their net worth is 1.9 Billion USD.

The sad thing with the name of Texas Holdem table poker, Zynga, is robbing people. Their minimum buy is 10$ for non-value false chips. But with the same money, you can play and win real cash online here.

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Rigged Mobile Games by Zynga Poker Bot

The same Player hit repeatedly and wins for at least an hour is a sign of a Rigged game. It is not possible that the same person can always have a good match. If the game is not rigged, the luck for other players will also work.

A lot of regular and good players played Zynga for close to several hours, but the only guy blew the whole table away. This is supernatural or 100% rigged. A game is an activity to show your skill. And a game is fun when you are good at it. But some Rigged Games like Texas Holdem Zynga poker can spoil that confidence in you.

The fault is not your skill or your luck. It’s all about the program to make you feel like a loser. That’s why watching more reviews from other players about the game site is crucial. Maybe you are not the only one who has been constructed like this. Here’s one piece of evidence. Other evidence can be found on Trust Point or other review sites.

They do not even bother to write back the people complaining or clamming about being cheated. Zynga poker wrote themselves a new history in the book of world’s poker. Zynga is not alone in this market. There are several other online pokers sites like “PP Poker” and “Poker stars.”

Read our review about PP Poker here.

Read our review about Pokerstars here.

Why Zynga Poker Facebook is So Famous

Zynga allows Instagram players to simulate their real-life Texas Hold’em poker experience. Many founders created and launched in July 2007, including Justin Waldron, Michael Luxton, and Eric Schiermeyer.

The game had millions of participants daily, with 37 Million Players in 2011. In July 2012, Gaming Technology Company announced its plans for online games outside the United States in 2013. As of October 2018, it reported a net loss though revenues had grown compared to last year. ZYNGA also announced In March 2019 an added tournament code-named Spin & Win, allowing faster play and more significant stakes.

The Narrow Truth About Zynga Facebook

Zynga was the first Facebook gaming app to play with your friends. In time this App became famous worldwide. People love to play Zynga with pretended chips and love to increase the numbers: more numbers, more happiness. But Zynga also has strict restrictions on allowing people to play on their App.

  • They do not offer players to create multiple accounts
  • They do not allow players to share their account info or password with other
  • They do not let players transfer chips
  • They also do not allow players to purchase chips from a 3rd party.

Violation of the following rules can cause any player’s account to be permanently banned. Like this, they force players to contact their support to send an email, phone number and sometimes national ID card to collect their database’s personal information. They will never return the banned account to the players but perhaps sell their personal information to data collectors and marketing agencies.

A third-party company has also handled their gaming data and player details. More information can be seen in the “Zynga Pokers” website directory.

Arrogant customer Support

Zynga has the most arrogant and unfriendly customer service in the world. They count the players as a criminal. Doesn’t matter if the player has invested a lot of time in levelling up their accounts in this game; Zynga can ban them at any time for any reason.

Some players even claimed that Zynga banned their accounts without any reason. They will never give proof or explanation to the Player why his account has got been banned. The chip will be taken, or the accounts will be permanently banned. Sometimes, they will give the accounts back to the Players, but their complex winning chips will remain zero.

Illegal Activities of Zynga

Popular Online table games with artificial chips, Zynga is doing injustice and illegal activities by itself. Many players have claimed suspicious bot and robot activities have been seen while playing on the Bandar slot. People also believe that the remaining bots are Zynga by themselves.

How to Spot a Zynga Bots

One bot can be detected during the gameplay when a player wins every hand with unbelievable cards. You may have a strong pair of Ace and at the flop, but some unpredictable player can win that round with stupid Two team week numbers.

You think your victory is waiting on the table, but suddenly your luck betrays you. But this is the programming of the bots. If a bot is in your room, he will always win the table. Sometimes these bots can come as fundamental human players, but they are contracted players/ members of Zynga.

For an example

You have a pair of Ace or Kind on your hand. There’s 2 2 3 A 5 on the table. You will raise for maximum chances of winning with the pair of Ace to make 3 of a kind, AAA. But if Someone else called on your raise or over-raised you, Then you may go all-in, But the person went all-in as well with the pair of 2 and 3 on hand. Then he will in the round with a whole house of 2 and 3

Such kinds of activities only can be done by a bot because everything is programmed, and no one is behind the screen operating the whole situation manually. It is programmed software, and the Zynga BOT can read the program. The entire game is Rigged. The Player repeatedly hits the best cards but still loses with unpredictable river turns.

Do Zynga put a bot by themselves?

Some players have reported that Texas Holdem Zynga Poker online gaming platform, perhaps putting online bots by themselves. Because they are not licensed real money casino gaming platforms, they are free to do whatever they want. It’s like my game, my rules.

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It’s only because of taking your chips away and making your purchase from them. Or making you angry to purchase for them for more chips. All poker lovers who played  Zynga poker have experienced only negativity from this gaming app.

They will manipulate players to buy chips from them, but they will ban their accounts and take all your chips with an excuse. If the players write the support, they will not even inform what the fault was. Players love to see increases in their chip count, but all of a sudden, when he loses, all win what took him to spend hours.

You can never understand it is a bot who is playing against you sitting in the hot seats. Firstly you will think maybe the Player knows how to play a good game, but if you follow, the same Player will keep winning on more tables and instantly go offline after a big pot. If you follow those accounts from the recent table, they will never appear.

Sometimes these bots come back after a few hours, but they stay in the lobby for a long time, and suddenly their chips disappear. Zynga appoints third parties to do such activities to keep themselves clear.

Zynga Buying chips

Stopped sending transaction alerts, and the customer purchased Twice. As a result, double-billing came but not double-purchased chips. They will offer you the same boring gifts and Free chips on daily logging. They have some affiliate partnerships with other companies, so they force them to watch videos or ads claiming “Free chips.”

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Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem Reviews

Zynga Poker enables you for an authentic match-up with the players. Join one of the most popular online poker games with more table games, tournaments, more prizes and more challenges to challenge. Whether you prefer casual Texas Hold ’em Poker or competitive tournaments, Zynga Poker is your source for authentic gameplay. The App’s free download offers an excellent assessment of all the game’s features.

Zynga Reviews

Some customers received an estimated $150,000 from Zynga. The company or subsidiaries are run by children who temper tantrums and take it out on their customers. The big flaw in poker is that it rewards terrible play by inviting foul play when many players have learned to play.

A random deck of crap usually wins very quickly. Some new people bet huge on nothing besides a gutshot or straight draw, then float up the card ten times out of 10. There should be a crappy flush, as this only happens with folding. Unfortunately, one still has to know the cheat patterns within the algorithm to win.

They overcharge and double the bill for chips!

I’ve played ten years, and most recently, they’ve started using or twice billing me. Usually, I’ll take a package one day and another, and I’ll receive a receipt within a week. They make this so that you can’t dispute it because maybe you purchased something with this particular one.

It’s happened once, and I have had to ask him for a refund twice now. Since then, I started collecting screenshots of each product along with the date. Even then, neither will refund my money. It’s sad to you when you pay the money for fake chips, and they still ask for extra.

At first glance, it seems legit

When a game starts, there seems like there’s nothing that you can lose. 7/3 on suits give you a set, two pairs of straight or flush or even quadruples! It seems that running has never been so great.

The chips have arrived, and you’re the star! And you make a pretty straightforward move with A/A in flop A/5/6 of hitting all. A person calls with 9/10 out, and the turn/road is seven and 8. It seemed like a minor incident, but it happened. Again and will continue to do so. Just play if you won’t mind spending some extra money!

Zynga is rigged!

The worst is the fact that the seats seem hot. I could see a player repeatedly hitting while I spent hours hoping for things worse than a pair. Yesterday was another example of how rigged the game is—in 5 hours of playing in a hundred places, I only got 5 100 points.

Only three of these were able-bodied guys. For hours it did not matter what else I wanted. Someone else with me. One of us had a slightly happier day for hours. I even tried Spin / Win to change it a little.

2021 Zynga vs 888poker 2021

888 Poker is one of the first real money online poker-playing platforms. 888 Poker has the world’s largest poker-playing rooms with awesome avatars and modern designs, whereas Zynga still uses their ridiculous avatars.

888 Poker customer service instantly replies to all their players, and even they have calling service on-demand country-wise. But Zynga does not even have the option to call. If your card got double-billed from Zynga, you cannot reach them. You have no chance to explain to them that your account was banned without any reason.

Just think why they are avoiding giving you their service. This is 2021, and people need help, but Zynga is pretending like they are helping you by letting you play in their gaming App. Their biggest earning is their sponsors and your bank balance for their worthless chips where 888 pokers are allowing you to get double the money back than investment. Sounds Crazy!

Zynga Robot Poker

Mostly bot operators. I’m sure your hands will always know when to fold. People using aliases on websites is part of the problem. There are also automated setups where robot hands play. They keep removing your chips.

Unless you spend some money, you’re not winning. If you spend money, they want a purchase every few days so that you keep losing, flush, straight up to a full house. Please don’t waste time or your free energy on the App; it does not gain. Avoid wasted time, cash or even power.

"Political and religious beliefs" Bullied by Annoying players

I am very annoyed if people’s religious and political WORDS are not a thing they can use. I’ve always played online with excellent results. Still, I no longer refuse to do a solo challenge, as it’s insulting having to enter into games that force conservative ideas against my traditional beliefs. I have no idea the reason we don’t just play. I don’t care about my opponent’s arguments. Why does ZYNGA try indoctrinating me?

No way random gen

There’s no way it’s randomly gen if the dealer is dealing with making more or less active. It’s cheating randomly. Gen throws cards into the air and sells them as they fall, not pick and choose. In real life and as an online casino like slot games, it’s worse than the limits. You won’t bet up to 1000. You lose everything and every chip, but you’ll swear they’re NOT random or cheating. You’ve got to dismantle your game to figure that out.

Is Texas Holdem a legit game?

No, the website is not a legit game. You have to purchase non-value chips with real money. All bought chips cannot be converted into real cash after winning. If your account has been stolen or fragments are missing, they will also not take any responsibility for it.

Is Zynga Poker safe?

It’s safe to play Texas Holdem from ZYNGA. This is partly derived from NLP analysis of nearly 44 million User Reviews compiled from 4.5 stars for the App Store. Zynga Poker Texas Holdem has a safety score of 57.5-10. Yeah. But the gameplay is not fair in this App.

Which game people playing the most

888poker’s Texas Holdem poker with nine people table is currently the most popular game in the market. Play this game here. If you think you mistakenly paid twice, and a double bill came, you can instantly withdraw that extra money from your bank card or wallet.

Scam cheating site Zynga

The site trumps logic and math; I have proved that. Avoid this site to ensure your safety. the worst one in all history. All hands are carefully rebalanced. Individual players are marked unable to win “. Individual players are.

Can I pay at 888 Poker using my apple card?

Yes, you can use an Apple card, skrill, Paysafe Card, Bankcard, credit card and even Rapid transfer to deposit money on 888 Poker.

Transparency in business

This Trustpilot profile was no longer claimed. Hasn’t updated positive comments in 12 months. Reuters confirmed no more company details and has never received a positive review.

Is Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem not working?

Zynga Poker Texas Hold ’em has almost all their games. If it doesn’t work for you, we strongly recommend you develop patience and then retry again later.

Don't buy chips for fake entertainment.

Sometimes my purchase comes into my barn, and she never goes there. This isn’t just Someone with this problem. Sometimes I have an issue with my barn.

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How Zynga steal all your chips

Zynga allows bots and multi-account players to go in front and get all of their chips. One day I had more than 2 billion chips. The next day after only a few small-stakes games, I had 224,000 chips. The initial amount you invest can easily be thousands and could become a problem for people who cannot afford it.

Buyer takes care. Zynga’s poker games are so rigged they don’t offer real fun unless it ends without anything, so DON’T waste your money in such a game. There must be an early warning.

Reported issues from Zynga customer

I can always get more chips at once if they want to buy more chips. I can play hands that should win for a long time, but I can tell you who’s going out next to the card.

I’m 85 and battling colon cancer, but I think you guys are ripping me off of my money, and I’m so sad because I like playing the sport but don’t enjoy myself when playing. I see billions of players with a considerable loss of chips—no less fun.


Is Zynga Poker a legit app?

Zynga is, unfortunately, a fraud app.

Can a Player repeatedly win all hands?

No, it is not possible that one player can repeatedly win all hands.

Where can I play Legit Poker Games?

The most popular poker game site is 888poker.


Zynga has an overall customer rating of 2.27 out of 65 reviews, thus indicating most consumers are generally unhappy with their purchases. According to its statistics, they sit at 365th among gaming sites.

About the business

Playing free live casino pragmatic online gaming in 3D provides endless possibilities! Play Zynga’s most popular free games, Farmville Hit It Rich, Hit It Rich, and Zynga.

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Rip off

Zynga is not a big flop rake, and game houses will accept your chips to win everything with nothing.


Texas Hold’em Zynga is using their old fame to rob people still. The director and CEO of the company has been changed in March 2016. The new directors of this game are all about their money and sponsorship. But some crazy fans of these games are still so addicted to them, especially people from those countries where Gambling is forbidden.

They are still unknown because losing hard-earning money after this imitation game is just a waste of time. Ultimately, this company will not leave anything for the players but tons of sorrow.