How to Become Online Casino Affiliate in Canada?

Do you want to make money online? Well, you are in luck! You should check out this online gambling affiliate guide to become a casino affiliate. As a hugely popular form of entertainment in Canada, online casinos worldwide are visited by millions, but with so many gambling sites out there, how does any particular area get the spotlight? Tight advertisement regulations and a heavy workload often prevent Canadian casino owners and operators from marketing their sites, so how do they do Online gambling affiliate marketing?

The gambling industry is strictly regulated, and marketing schemes must comply with specific and stringent advertisement laws. So how do casinos advertise their services? What if I told you there is a winning casino marketing strategy in which players and businesses can profit and promote online casino affiliate programs? This is how casino owners get new customers, and casino affiliate websites make money promoting online casinos.

SEO experts and digital marketers have been exploiting the casino promotion industry to turn a massive profit for over a decade now. With high commission rates and a gap in the market due to international advertisement laws, promoting online casinos is one of the highest-earning online occupations a web admin can engage with.

Online gambling affiliate programs can be an excellent funding source for the casino-acquainted individual. If you love gambling, then this is how you can make money by telling everyone about the things you love. Many online casinos greatly rely on such marketing partnerships to spread awareness of their business and drive traffic. If this is the first time you are learning about affiliate programs, as it might be, you will want to listen to this ground-breaking casino advertising method. This article will quickly explain affiliate programs, what it takes to become a promoter, potential profits, and how both players and owners can benefit.

Is it legal to advertise gambling in Canada?

Before we begin, you might ask, “Wait, is this legal?” Since casinos and other gambling establishments worldwide are subject to strict legal requirements, you would be correct to ask this question. The short and sweet answer to your question is yes! But it is not extremely easy.

The laws about casino marketing and advertisement will differ from territory to territory. In some countries, gambling is illegal, and legally advertising casinos is challenging in regions with legal gambling establishments. For example, in Canada, ASA prevents gambling advertisements from implying that gambling brings financial success, fixes personal problems, is a rite of passage, or is linked to success.

As you can imagine, this can make Online casino marketing a tricky process since you need to be sure that your advertisement cannot be misinterpreted and that you have not implied that gambling has these advantages. Since legal requirements differ per area and the online gambling industry is international, you must first research the legality of casino advertisements in your country or country.

And as for another example which we will expand upon later, to advertise Swiss casinos, you first need to be licensed by every state that offers legal gambling. This can take a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money. There is a workaround that solves this problem, but we will be discussing the details of this later. All you need to understand is that advertising casinos have pitfalls and legal complexities.

You will be coming across a lot.

It might seem like a timewaster to meticulously study your local laws to determine what you can and cannot promote precisely. However, it will pay off in the long run, especially since breaking advertisement laws can create potential fines and technical difficulties. A simple misstep could get you banned from your platform, even if it were a simple mistake. The casino industry is a serious business that can significantly affect people’s lives, so choose your words carefully. This can damage your reputation with partner sites and the gambling and affiliate community.

How can I make money promoting online casinos?

Affiliates, also known as associates, resellers, referrals, or sponsors, are third-party advertisers who agree with a company to advertise their services or products on their platform. This includes webpage exposure and user incentives to promote their products. For example, many online businesses offer affiliate programs to acquire new customers, and casinos are the same. Users are provided a link with a commission for every person who clicks your link and completes a required transaction.

This casino marketing strategy depends on its partner sites and platforms to drive referrals to its online casinos. This can all be achieved using simple text links, banners, and popups that the casino’s marketing program can supply. Next, you only need to drive traffic to their website and refer those visitors using unique affiliate links. However, be warned that too many popups and distracting ads can harm your audience. Keep a healthy balance between the advertisement and content to hold your audience’s attention.

Online gambling affiliate programs offer deals based on revenue sharing, CPA, or a mixture. CPA or cost-per-acquisition is a fixed commission paid for each depositing player. A revenue share is when you receive a percentage of what a referred player loses minus bonuses and fees. Hybrid payments will utilize a mixture of CPA and revenue share commission, with details differing per partnership program. The types of deals and earnings can vary significantly from company to company, so keep this knowledge in mind when promoting a casino in Canada.

How to Become a casino affiliate in Canada

To be approved by most casino advertisement programs, you must first show them you have a platform to promote their casino. This can include websites, blogs, social media, or email marketing. You can focus on more than one of these marketing methods. But if you are a simple casino-loving individual looking for extra cash, concentrate on just one. You do not want to overwork yourself before your lost time has made a profit.

However, it is essential to note that social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube have cracked down on gambling content. Most social media sites will have different terms and conditions regarding an acceptable range. That is not to say that promoting online casinos via social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tick-Tock etc., is impossible. Therefore, you can easily overcome this trouble with an online gambling affiliate social marketing strategy.

Can you promote online casinos on Facebook?

Yes, but you will have to put some effort into finding loopholes in their content moderation guidelines. As of now, social media marketing is all the rage. This is mainly due to the vast popularity of social media, allowing for a decent amount of link conversions with minimal costs.

Unfortunately, finding a practical casino marketing idea sustainable on social media platforms can take time and effort. With casino advertisement laws differing from country to country and gambling being outright illegal on top of social media guidelines finding an effective marketing method will take some time.

Luckily for you, Online gambling affiliate and their partners have tried and tested the social media landscape, so I can tell you some of the most effective methods of promoting online casinos.

 Be subtle:

 Indirect advertisement is critical when promoting online casinos via social media. Use stories about gambling to strike an emotional chord, choose a topic adjacent to gambling so you can add your affiliate links at the end of your post, get creative, and do not be cheesy.

Choose to make a page about gambling, not one that directly promotes it. You could plug in your partner site by keeping your content clean and social media safe.

Gather intel for email lists:

Social media can be a powerful tool if you go down the email marketing route. Follow pages and enter groups that already discuss casinos and gambling, then identify users you think will be interested in your partner site.

You can gather user email IDs and compile an email list for your marketing campaign. You could also send direct messages via social media to promote your affiliate sites.

Public interest marketing:

This casino marketing idea involves offering a public service by rolling out articles about fraudulent casinos and alerting the public to illegal gambling operations. Then after you have identified those interested in your favour, you can begin recommending your affiliate sites as trustworthy alternative options. This method usually involves using temporary links to avoid being reported and caught out by anti-gambling content guidelines.

Awareness campaigns:

An awareness campaign draws attention to particular social or political struggles within our current society. How does this link in with making banks promote online casinos? You can use this social awareness platform to promote partner sites if performed tactfully.

For example, you start a page promoting awareness for gambling addictions and creating genuinely positive content about how society can tackle such a problem. If done carefully, you could encourage well-known sites, set sensible limits for their players, and act against gambling addictions.

You must be incredibly careful and discreet if you choose this method since you could quickly be banned from the site for breaking community guidelines. In the worst-case scenario, this method could create potential legal action.

Strategic targeting:

Strategic targeting is a method of social media marketing that carefully considers which audience to target, which platform would be more suitable to target the demographic, and what types of content would draw this audience in. For example, if your partner site just added a feature that you think will appeal to users over 35, you would post about it on Facebook since members of this age group are more likely to use it as their primary form of social media.

If you were looking to target a younger age group, you might choose Instagram instead to promote your services. This method involves running many social media accounts and analyzing data and trends to target exact demographics. This method takes much effort and has the constant risk of being reported, so use it with care. So, while social media campaigns might be risky, they can be effective because you are careful and concise in your marketing methods. However, overall, there are many easier ways to promote online casinos without resorting to social media.

Promoting Online Casino Without Internet

And just in case you were wondering, promoting online casinos without using the internet is next to impossible. Paper campaigns are theoretically possible; however, it’s unlikely that the affiliate program will take up your offer or you would make any considerable earnings. Besides that, we are entering a modern age in which traditional marketing methods fail to be effective, and digital marketing techniques take centre stage. You will also want to remember that people reading about online casinos will likely already be pretty tech-savvy, so digital marketing is the way to go.

Costing For Affiliate Programmes

Overall, the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started as a casino affiliate is to build a content-driven site that receives free traffic from search engines like Google. You are less likely to be caught up in content policies when choosing a website or blog as your affiliate platform. It allows you complete control over your content, you can earn from free traffic via a search engine, and you do not need to pay for social media advertisements to get any decent exposure. Blog and website partnership is also a tried and trusted method, making acquiring approval from casino marketing programs easier.

I have mentioned receiving free traffic from search engine optimization. However, those clever enough amongst you might ask, “But can you promote gambling on Google ads.” The short answer here is yes. You can promote certain online gambling establishments via Google ads. However, this is, of course, subject to local regulations and laws. Google ads have a set of guidelines clearly stating which types of casinos and gambling establishments can be advertised on their search engine. So similarly to social media regulations and legal regulations, you will have to hit the books to receive a definitive answer to this question.

Investment Cost For Online Casino Affiliate

An online forum is another site that can be an excellent investment. Forum sites are now mostly falling out of favour as individuals choose social media sites to discuss their interests online; however, due to the strict content regulations on social media sites concerning gambling content, most casino enthusiasts decide to chat via forums or message boards, the old-school way. Unfortunately, getting traffic into a forum site can take some time since it requires building a community to share ideas, ask questions, and run the place.

Creating Content About Affiliate

Forums differ from content-oriented sites since they use other users to create content. You need people to ask questions, people to answer questions, and for people to make their content for you for free. However, due to the decline in forum usage and the difficulty of making initial content and referring individuals to your site, it is probably much wiser to focus on blogs and similar websites. At least for now, starting a forum after building up a community on a blog is a great way to get those first few users interested.

Keywords For Affiliate Contents

So, start by choosing your niche. This could be gambling, a particular keyword, or location. You can, of course, potentially use all three. Choosing a good place is particularly important. This is what can make or break a site. It would be best to have a good eye for content and a plan that keeps in trend and strategizes for how this industry may evolve. Ensure you are familiar with the website’s niche before starting since your entire site will focus on this. Then plan, build and create content for your website.

Once you have built your platform, it is time to begin earning. Start signing up for affiliate programs. Most casinos have a link in their directory labelled ‘affiliates’ or ‘affiliate program.’ Sometimes it may also be called a ‘partnership program’ or by some other title. Either way, it will be something to this effect. You can complete your application form with all the required information from there. The casino marketing team will contact you regarding your acceptance into the program.

Acceptance at An Affiliate Program

If your application has been accepted, congratulations; you will receive an email that contains all your necessary affiliate information, such as an affiliate ID and login credentials. Now that you have a method of income, continue creating content and bringing new people to your site, and eventually, you will end up with quite a pretty sum.

Why do online casinos offer affiliate programs?

Their numerous responsibilities already swamp online casino operators. They must develop relationships with software providers and developers, work with vast amounts of paperwork and math, and manage all their employees. As a result, the casino’s owners do not want to promote online casinos by themselves. They do not want to start content-oriented sites, YouTube channels, or social media. They would much rather pay someone else to do the job.

Therefore, the owners of online casinos use partnership programs to motivate casino fans to draw in gamblers on their behalf. To incentivize players to start promoting an online casino, they pay their associates commissions based on the number of players they recruit.

Picking the right program

You must monitor various factors when searching for a good casino marketing program. Here are just a few of the biggest concerns site owners have when looking to promote online casinos:

Trust and Integrity

You must rest easy knowing that you partner with a well-respected casino, partly because you want to be sure that your affiliate will hold up their end of the bargain. But also because promoting online casinos that rip off their customers will seriously damage your reputation.

To effectively promote an online casino, you first need to believe in the brand you are promoting. Advertising a sketchy casino is much more complicated than a legitimate establishment. Suppose the casino you partner with provides a quality gaming experience and can be trusted with their customer’s time and money. In that case, you can wholeheartedly recommend them instead of lying through your teeth.

Fast Payments

You want to be sure that the money will arrive in your lap every month like clockwork. Chasing money, potential transaction errors, and fraudulent business partners will significantly cut your time. Payment should be easy, especially after putting so much hard work into advertising their services.

Responsive team

 Sometimes errors, mistakes, and other technical problems cause problems for your money-making efforts. Therefore, you want to look for programs well known for having responsive and helpful managers and staff. If something goes wrong, you do not want to wait for help.

Licensing requirements

In some cases, you may need to have a license to promote certain casinos. Each state must be licensed in the US casino market, which offers legal online gambling, before encouraging gambling services in that state. This process can be quite an expensive and lengthy ordeal. The workaround here is to promote offshore casinos that accept US players at least until you have raised funds and the time to begin promoting US-based casinos. If you require licensing, you will want to look for offshore casinos compliant with this workaround.

Tips for casino marketing for Online Casinos in Canada

So, you thought that was it? An excellent passive income stream? Despite the lucrative reputation of the online casino affiliate, it can be troublesome to keep up a steady income. Setting up your site and applying to programs is merely the first step. If you want to keep earning, here are some tips to keep the cash flowing.

Don’t underestimate the challenge.

There is no such thing as easy money; while the world of casino promotion is lucrative and rich with opportunities, it is also relentless and requires a decent quantity of work. Keeping up to date on SEO trends, regularly keeping your site up to date, coming up with regular and original content ideas, and keeping an eye on any affiliate programs you are earning from are all part of the job description.

Choose a smaller niche (at least to start with)

It may be tempting to widen your net and build a large site that targets all markets, but it’s a trap. Please do not fall for it. Smaller niche websites are easier to start, develop and maintain. They are also easier to get traffic in the short term, allowing you to test your niche or market while still gaining profit. Small niche sites are perfect for beginners since more significant sites require considerable investment. Yet, there is still no guarantee you will achieve a return on the fees taken to start, build and maintain your site.

Diversify your content

You might discover that a site with a small niche has an earnings limit. You will only be gathering the attention of people interested in that niche. This might be fine with you, especially to start with; however, creating diverse content can help in the long run.

When you discover your site is not getting more traffic but has not met your profit goals, it might be time to consider branching out. This can draw in a whole new audience and bring more users to the site, thus increasing potential profits. It may seem like a lot of effort for nothing initially, but the strategy eventually pays off.

Grow your empire

Speaking of diversifying content, have you considered diversifying platforms? Say you have an up-and-running site but not quite generating enough income. Then you might want to utilize another marketing medium to promote your partner’s sites and your own.

Start a Facebook page and create content there, the content does not need to promote gambling explicitly, and you can add links to your site, which actively encourage online casinos. Many within the casino affiliate industry have multiple websites to double their earnings. You could begin a forum connected to your website and gather a community of like-minded people to continuously drive traffic towards your site. You could even start a discord channel to actively connect with your audience and offer a different means of promoting your links.

Website Content Creation for Affiliates

This method is not for everyone. As you can imagine, this entails extensive work on your end. However, if you already have a moderately successful site, you may have some cash set aside, which you can use to hire outside talent to help you run the operation. Diversifying your content mediums can be a big help when your earnings are beginning to plateau and help you identify new audiences.

This is also a safe way to break into social media marketing since providing educational content about gambling instead of actively promoting it is less likely to breach community guidelines. You can then funnel users to your site, which actively encourages online casino companies and eventually turns a more significant profit from increased traffic.

Honest quality content

Like the boy who cried wolf, no one will trust a site that regularly recommends sketchy and dishonest gambling sites. If you lie to them, then they will not be coming back. Ensure all your content is honest, down to earth, and, most importantly, high quality. This is what will keep users coming back to your site time and time again. If your work is of high quality, your site will gain more traction as an honest and reputable source of information.

You might have heard the term: authority site. An authority is a site trusted as a legitimate source of trustworthy information and good content. As an online casino promoter, you should aim to have an authoritative site. A good reputation is a profitable one. People will return to and even recommend your site if you have proven to be a trustworthy source of information time and time again. It can help you build new contacts with other casinos and like-minded peers and is a worthwhile investment.

You might be tempted to lie for a bit of short-term income; however, it is not worth it in the long run. Honest, high-quality content always trumps sensationalist clickbait and thinly veiled lies.

Learn and experiment

Here is where my previous point about choosing a smaller niche pays off. Getting traffic to a site that targets a particular audience and niche is easier to get traffic to in the short term, allowing you to experiment and learn from first-hand experience. There is a lot that you cannot learn from a brief online article and which you instead need to experience first-hand. Experimenting is an essential process to test the limits of your medium without potential losses.

Learning about web development, SEO, and other topics relating to driving web traffic is vital to ensuring that your site keeps earning. Manyf online courses and lessons can be paid for or accessed for free, teaching search engine optimization. You can also reach out to like-minded individuals for help on online forums, and you may find some excellent recommendations for SEO tools that can help you on your path to wealth.

Know your trade

Do you like gambling? Do you know your trade? A gambler knows best which online casinos are best. They also know the types of content users want and expect from an authoritative website. How do you expect to garner people’s attention if you do not know your trade? Your readers will see if you do not understand what you are talking about, but a seasoned gambler can get plenty of attention by proving that they are a knowledgeable player. This might seem like an obvious point but bear with me.

Online casino affiliate marketing

What is online casino affiliate marketing? And what is the importance of it in an affiliate business in Canada?

Online casino affiliate marketing program starts with three significant steps:

  • Know your audience
  • Know your market
  • Follow the rules

Know your audience

 Are you focusing on a particular country? What games are popular there? Is your site aimed at beginners and casual players, or do you focus more on career gamblers and hardened veterans?

Factors such as this should significantly affect the content you choose to put up on your site. Learn what content your audience expects, find gaps in market knowledge, learn what is trending and what other sites help guide your content in the correct direction.


Know your market

 Connect with and study the market, and find friends who run other affiliate programs or are part of the casino industry. Networking and connecting with others are excellent ways to stay ahead of the curb in a constantly changing industry.

Forum sites such as Casinomeister, Affilorama, Wickedfire, Webmasterworld, and so many more can help you glean insight from others in the industry. As experts recommend, learn about affiliate programs, watch for fraudulent online casinos, and research SEO with people who know what they are talking about. I mentioned that certain information could only be learned first-hand, but if you have a question, the odds are that someone has already asked it and answered it. Forums are an excellent way to solve nagging problems and keep up to date with the community.

 Follow the rules

 You might have noticed some potentially dubious ways to earn money if you want to promote online casinos. I will not deny that some casino marketing ideas involve exploiting those vulnerable to gambling addiction. And the straightforward answer is whether you should be willing to bend the rules for money’s sake: no.

Suppose you break the rules of your affiliate contract. Gambling sites in Canada are often subject to strict guidelines, which they must adhere to at all costs. Countries hold such strict laws and content policies for a reason, and you could face potential legal action if you bend the rules for profit.

In that case, you could be costing the company thousands in fines, thus damaging your reputation with the company and within the casino marketing community. Losing a sponsor is not worth it for a few extra clicks. You can be banned from platforms, fined, and altogether lose the trust of your peers and partners. Even if you have a heart of stone, having a dodgy reputation creates more trouble than it is worth.

How much can you make by promoting online casinos?

If the title in Canada lured you in, you have likely read this far because you want to make some money. But how much will you be earning exactly? Some of the biggest casino affiliate sites earn over six monthly figures, which might seem crazy, but some people do it. If you put the effort in, you can make a decent living wage by promoting casinos.

Determining how much you will make as a new casino affiliate is difficult. The answer is affected by a few significant factors.

Firstly, the choice of niche. Niches will gain more traffic than others. Ensure you research the types of content created by affiliate sites and carefully consider how your site could fit into the gambling landscape. Also, understand that small and well-targeted topics will get more short-term attention than choosing to make a catch-all site.

Secondly, value invested. Will you be running a one-person show, or will you be hiring web designers and writers? If you can start by yourself, then beginning costs will be minimal. But additional charges are involved if you need to hire talent to keep the site running and creating profit.

Thirdly, the casino promotion industry is dominated by company-run sites. As an individual, you will be limited to the amount of time in a day you have to work on the site. As a company, you will be determined by how much you are willing to invest in workers who can do the job for you. So, there will be a vast earning difference between those who run an individual operation and those who run a large-scale operation. Both have their pitfalls, but overall, company operations are more successful at promoting casinos and turning a profit.

And finally, it is practically impossible to predict how much a site can make sense. It hugely depends on your site’s traffic and your partnership programs. Monthly earnings will fluctuate, and it is a volatile method of earning. You might get an incredible Paycheck at the end of one month but then find it all quiet the next.


Many owners of gambling associate sites have claimed they earn astronomical amounts of money, almost enough to be unbelievable. However, you must understand that this is no get-rich-quick scheme. Online casino promotion is one of the most lucrative investments you can make as a digital marketer; however, it is hard work, and it can take time to get the ball rolling. With time, effort, and potentially some extra funding, your site may have the chance to become incredibly profitable, or it could hardly be worth your time. It is a gamble.