Legal Online Casinos in Switzerland 2023

We created a list of Legal Online Casinos in Switzerland. The selection process for the best online casinos in Switzerland is rigorous and thorough, with at least four compelling User-Selling Points (USPs) being a primary requirement. These online casinos have been thoroughly compared and analysed, and the ones mentioned above are identified as meeting the necessary criteria. Without further ado, let’s delve into why these aforementioned online casinos have earned their place among the best in Switzerland.

planetspin casino


  • Large Live Casino
  • The abundance of jackpot slots
  • Great casino bonus package for new players
  • Regular promotions for regular customers
  • Subpage with all available casino games


  • The menu bar is located in the footer
  • Poorly developed Instagram account

Swiss4Win.ch, Baden Casino, Mycasino, and the online presence of Casino Lugano were the first Swiss online gaming sites launched on earlier of 01.03.2021. They are making it the eighth-oldest online casino in Switzerland. The website is accessible in Italian, French, English, and German. But we can’t call them the best online casinos in Switzerland. Later on this article we will give you more information about best online casino sites to play in switzerland.

Best Online Casino Site In Switzerland Right Now

Online Casinos in Switzerland and Swiss Poker Sites & Gambling websites became legal in Switzerland in January 2019. These regulations are enforced to ensure that all Swiss online casinos meet the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) expectations. This means that each is licensed online. Our experts have compiled a list of Swiss players’ best websites. Please see the below table and launch your online gambling journey today. For more information, visit [link].

Is gambling legal in Switzerland?

Land casinos are currently legal for a while. However, online casinos were legally legalized last year. If a player is serving Swiss players, the operator is legally required to acquire that licence on an applicable licence basis. Many online casino players still place bets in off-shore online sites because of the greater variety of games and great promotions. Swiss players may visit luxurious high-end land casinos with restaurants and hotel rooms. The governments of Switzerland are not attempting to prosecute individuals who place wagers at illegal online gambling sites, meaning the average Swiss player has lots of choices to choose from.

So, with the regulation of gambling laws, Sports betting, Gaming and Poker are regulated at the Swiss federation of gaming boards.

They are granted only if the claim has been supported or backed by the appropriate canton and municipal authority and if some evidence is presented for the economic benefit or. Only operation licences must be obtained in the event of approval by a person to establish the independence of management and proper supervision of game operation. In addition, applicants will have to provide evidence of social security concepts and business security plans. The application must be supported with the regulations law.

Switzerland's road to regulation

In Switzerland, gambling was illegal from 1921 to 1993. At the casino, only the chances (blackjack, baccarat and poker) were acceptable. The Switzerland online Casino Federation warned online gambling had become the primary cause of the decline in the casino industry in 2013. A couple of days after the warning, the Swiss Federal government issued a draft bill regulating online gambling. The land-based lottery is popular amongst adults 60-60% have played it in real casinos, and 20% feel a frequent gambler.

Switzerland Online Casinos Laws

Federal gaming boards control casino gaming. In Switzerland, there are 21 lands of gambling. Eight have Casino Licences A & Three have Casino Licences B. Most Casinos have Licenced A in cities. Whether in the country or the small town, a casino will be the only option. The table shows where each casino is located in Switzerland and where each and everyone has a listed licence. Find information on the Swiss casino site by visiting [link]. If you are interested in information, please visit [link].

Gaming non-registered gambling site is run under the jurisdiction of Gespa, formerly known under the name Comlot. The chief concern of Gespa is the monitoring of automated spin machines and any form of gambling that crosses cantonal. Currently, SwissLottery and Loterie Romande operate in Switzerland. Both of these companies permit people to purchase lottery tickets and sports betting tickets in licensed land-based stores. They, too, operate skills-based slot machines to various places. The outlets are restaurants, gas stations and restaurants where users can buy lottery tickets. The federal government recently released legislation that gives Gespa control over sports betting, lottery operations, Bingo and slot machine business.

There is no specific Internet gambling law in Switzerland naming the fate of the industry. The law of the money game applies only to Switzerland until the current financial crisis has been resolved. Les limitations actually affect primarily the operators and not particular parties. Upon gaining access to the casinos in Switzerland, residents should be careful and choose only the reputable online casinos that Switzerland residents have entitled to. Locals do not regulate, i.e. the Switzerland gambling laws and the website. The list of the best websites where Switzerland residents may play can be provided by Slots Up with our guide for the best online gambling destinations for you. For confidential services, phone Sam.

Best Online Casino Switzerland 2023

Planet Spin Casino is the best online casino Switzerland 2023. This online casino is legaly authorized for all Swiss online caasino players from every region of switzerland. Moreover swiss players can play at this online casino in German, French, Italian or English language. You just have to choose your preffered language from the home menu and then untill you want to withdraw your winning money, you will get all instructions in your preffered native laguage.

Online gambling legal in Switzerland. The gambling act amalgamated all the corresponding previously implemented actions in one to legalize gambling online in Switzerland. Only local gambling entities as legitimate online casinos will be available, so Swiss players will be allowed to indulge in. Legalizing Swiss online casinos would lead to restrictions on offshore gambling websites. Several Switzerland political parties criticized blocking websites of online casinos abroad and are to ban Switzerland. They say the new bill would force them on the premise of a referendum. Switzerland follows the leader of most developed countries in legalizing online casinos in its.

Security of Swiss Online Casinos

La Suisse has been noted in the industry for high-security standards, including in gambling. Online casinos authorized by Switzerland are considered the safest on the planet. Some are not available right now, which explains the need to turn opportunities at foreign online casinos. As it is not illegal, Swiss players can enjoy playing at security websites licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission (Collected information from the Federal act). These regulatory agencies impose smacks in between fear, respect and trust in the gaming environment. These strict regulations mean operators would be foolish to mistreat users or refuse payouts. Switzerland’s gambling business is known for its high standards with legal payment methods.

Watertight Safety and Security Measures

Vegas slot is a review of the best online casinos for Switzerland players. There’s more than one website where the privacy of your personal information is ensured that you won’t disclose a piece of sensitive information or personal information. Please be assured that all online gambling platforms and casinos that we recommend have a stable environment. We pride ourselves on our reputation and promote just the right option for players. If we hadn’t signed up and deducted at the website ourselves, we wouldn’t expect them. There are fortunate enough big operators who offer genuine services and have an established track record over the years. Here are our reviews of the best casino websites on this site. We will gladly give you a list of the best online casino options.

The online casino industry was prohibited in Switzerland before 2018, when it was opened. Playing in such casinos was limited to those outside the area, which are operated in other countries. Casinos are gambling around millions of Swiss dollars abroad for foreign sites. They made no money out of tax on the revenue they got. These political leaders and the Swiss Government decide that they want players from Switzerland to reduce gambling addiction. According to Addiction Switzerland, gambling addiction affects over 75,000 of the populace. Each year, gambling costs half the billion of the Swiss franc to the nation. In 2018, the Federal Gaming Act was introduced.

History of gambling in Switzerland

In 1874, in no clear terms, the Swiss government restricted the gambling establishments and all Swiss cities agreed. In 1881, the gambling Barriere de Montreux – opened the first. The two bills passed in 1923 placed strict regulation in respect of casino machines and lotteries. In 1993 Switzerland’s Government was forced to generate new taxes because of rising healthcare costs. In 2006 Lotterie ad legalization was imposed, online gambling became even more legal through 2017 The Money Gaming Act. The gambling industry in Switzerland – which continues to prosper – must further become liberalized.

Overview of Land-Based Casinos

It’s found 19 casinos spread across Switzerland. Under 1921 regulations, the National lottery stayed illegal, but state lots were organized in Switzerland. There are 11 race tracks and 11 racetracks within Switzerland. In April 2000, the federal law on games gambling was granted gambling unlimited stakes. The reorganization of the gaming market also involved dividing the game into two categories: games of skill and games of chance. Only playing. Maybe that would happen. Allowed playing in Swiss casinos. The United States banned gambling in 1921.


A list of the best online casino in Switzerland boasts some of the finest Slots machines in the market. As a virtual casino does not restrict itself to square meters, you can still play multiple tables online. Top online casinos offer lots of blackjack and roulette options. Video poker and scratchcard gaming are only some of the many other types of casinos. Choosing classic three-wheel games or triggering new and exciting gameplay videos slots gives you a wide choice. In the best casino in Switzerland, scratch and video poker are also accessible. The 19 land-based casinos scattered across the Schweiz offer a varied gaming option.

The legal landscape of gambling in Switzerland

In 2019 Switzerland made the vote regarding changing their gambling laws. It had turned it before a more liberal approach with gambles off-the-high side. Online gambling is legal only among the online casinos recognized in Switzerland. Online casinos are regulated by a 1998 law forbidding Swiss residents from playing online gamer’s chance online. In April 2000 in Switzerland, unlimited gambling was granted to Swiss gamblers much as they enjoyed it. In 1998 casinos were divided into two categories – one has an annual limit of 150 slots while the other categories contain an annual limit for each slot.

Sports betting and legal gambling age in Switzerland

Switzerland does not recognize the concept of the age of the internet until such a statute is effective. Swiss players should be 18 or older to participate in land gambling in a Switzerland gambling site.

Gaming Authority Verification – Gambling Laws

Online casino use of Swiss Casinos must be accurate, along with your valid address in Switzerland. To complete the verification procedure, you should provide your proof of identity within a specified time frame. You must not be considered for a gambling ban. For signing up, send a valid I.

Gambling laws – The terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions vary based on what you are playing. Suppose an example of a promotion would be to find useful examples for all types of players. However, others must be taken into accounts, such as the maximum money outlay, timing limit and promotion code. Thinking of promotions as a first-experience review should you want to know your imagination. Next, your second check should be a way of tracking down information and looking at the interest to determine if it is actually useful for you. No matter how generous promotional offers are to you personally for selecting a Swiss online casino, we’re sure you’ll become acquainted with much more than just.

Who can operate online casinos in Switzerland?

However, there are currently only existing online casinos in the state of Switzerland that can register the casino until 2024. Online gamers can only have online games at Swiss casinos which pay Swiss tax. Local Telecommunications service providers block all other websites. Following the federal act, Swiss gambling fans can still access online casino sites, land-based casinos and operating in nearby countries such as Switzerland and France. Most Swiss banks have no objection to transferring CHF funds to online bookmakers who operate from abroad. Most of the funds are moved to overseas bookmakers. Most Swiss banks do not object to.

Online gambling in Switzerland becomes a reality.

Online casinos legalized in Switzerland were legalized until 2019 with the effective date of the Money Gambling Act or MGA. The law was passed after citizens voted 73% to allow online gambling. The measure prompted the introduction. As he wasn’t part of the EU, Switzerland wasn’t urged to adhere to EU directives on how it runs its gaming business. If you are at least 18 years old, are willing to deposit your Swiss francs in any online casino and take pleasure from the comfort of your own. In July 2019, all foreign operators had to stop offering their services to Swiss citizens.

Online casino sites in Switzerland

Internet gambling casinos are not officially controlled in Switzerland but are technically prohibited. SlotsUp is the only casino in Switzerland to recommend a CHF currency on the site. The slots below provide a fuller list of Swiss laws and regulations of accept online casinos. All these locations are mobile-friendly and feature games from major software developers, including Microgaming Royal Vegas 32Red, 7Sultans, Mate Gaming Club.

By visiting our website, you can practice playing online slots, which gamblers love so much.

Licensing of online gambling and Sports Betting

The highly renowned Swiss Gaming Casinos and sports betting sites are registered. Then it’s regulated and continuously monitored, land-based. The Swiss Federal Gaming Board is authorized and monitored by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (ESCBK). More information can be found on our website or in our terms of service.

Blacklisted gambling sites in Switzerland

Swiss Federal Gaming Board has established a blacklist of foreign gambling sites. This site is not allowed anymore accepting bets from players in Switzerland. Swiss internet provider is obliged to block websites appearing on the list including sports betting sites. If internet coms don’t block blacklisted websites, there are no consequences legally. Still, it is possible and necessary to visit unlicensed sites without blacklist blocks. Still, you need to decide on one legal and regulated online gambling site, such as the ones we recommend. The AMG became law on January 1st, 2019, although Switzerland’s legislation provides an interim period until June 30, 2019.

Related News about Online Casino Switzerland

A regulated online poker operation plans to go online after its initial public release about two years later. Greentube and NVOMATIC Interactive division went live in Switzerland recently rearranged the online casino market at the Grand Casino Luzern’ Grand Casino. Swiss Gaming Board announced on Tuesday the black list for foreign gambling companies in its Blacklist. The slot developer also had to go live with Switzerland’s first online casino with RedTiger’s. For the first time, a Swiss online casino has been built using. The first e-booking company in Switzerland.

The best games for Swiss casino players

Swiss players love to play. They enjoy varied games. The exception is slot machines which tend to be the most popular type of online game. Even gamblers enjoy sports bets but not very much with UK sportsmen. Many casinos also have an attached bookmaker and allow you to exchange funds between platforms. Swiss slot casino software is mostly used in classic slots, video slots and progressive slots, which have fairly split in popularity with most people in the country. This Swiss gambling is not one particular game genre that can be played by all players, excluding slot machines.

These table games excite our players.

Lux Blackjack: This game looks and plays extremely excitingly with up to 3 hands at once! StarVegas provides a choice of card games, namely poker and blackjack. Competitive in this virtual croupiers challenge and prove your knack for a card! These are some of our suggestions.

5 star

How do I find the best online casino in Switzerland?

With the Switzerland ban on foreign operators for the moment finding the best online casino is often difficult. A couple such as TopCasino Suisse represents a good point of entry. You can check online casino websites that Swiss people should keep your attention on. You can read reviews and find websites that offer users welcome offers and real money bonuses. At a glance, you also will see what casino offers in addition to casino slot machines, online poker or roulette, progressive jackpots and live casino games, to name a few. All you have to do is to learn more about the online casinos in Switzerland.

Which are the best online casinos in Switzerland?

The average Swiss casinos have an excellent reputation and quality service. In our comprehensive review of each best casino in the country, find out about the quality and security measures of each casino’s gaming selection and CHF payment options, land-based casino sites. We address customer service security measures, selection of game types, payment option withdrawal and so forth. A peek at the quality of a Switzerland online casino concerning this criteria can be provided to see how well they are perceived on the top of our criteria.

Check they have games you like – Mega Welcome Bonus.

Get to know which website has the real game you like first. Check them if they have any evidence of their fairness independently. Make sure they have live gaming available if they interest you. Some of the popular slots among Swiss players include Mega Moolah – Microgaming, IGT’s Cleopatra, Brick and mortar etc. Get feedback on how best Swiss games are created by the game designer and use one of their preferred software. There are more options on how to find your current favourite game designer, chance and casinos – stakes gambling and live table games.

Welcome bonuses Spins and Free Spins

Make a deposit and enjoy the CHF welcome bonuses and free spins.

New players’ welcome bonuses are limited only to the new ones. Certain casinos require you to deposit to claim. No deposit bonus is not required and can be in the form of free spins or cash. Matching bonuses must be claimed in the third deposit, and most casinos expand this offer up to your third deposit. This bonus will only apply at the moment after the opening of a new account and verifying account details. It will subsequently be credited to the account after new account deposits have been made. Some Casino Online Switzerland offers free spins and free cash to new clients only after one signup.

Welcome Bonus cashback Spins

Cashback offers have become popular in Switzerland most mostly because your net loss gets offset. When a player suffers a losing season in the casino will usually give you a small part of the money as bonus money. Cashback is generally 5% to 30% CHF.

Online Casino Offers – Exciting Bonus Opportunities

It’s The Perfect Online Casino for you as we deliver exciting promotions immediately to your virtual mailbox. From the Sunday Classics to the happy hour, this online casino regularly appoints extra bonuses. In addition, we celebrate many holidays, and special events in our Online Casino Switzerland and one online casino for deposited amounts could soon be you are too. Its many types of bonuses give us one of the top internet casinos in Switzerland! Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get up to date with all our online slots. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Mobile casinos in Switzerland – For Swiss residents

Switzerland is one leading continents in Europe, having an impressive high GDP. Over 90% of people in US-owned smartphones. Today we place more wagers utilizing mobile devices than on desktops and other devices. Mobile players can use bonuses, chat live and mobile deposit. Are you looking at Swiss mobile casinos? Search for our mobile casino listing. We are the top and, most importantly, allowing you to focus on gaming, not studying. The typical online casino accepted by Swiss customers includes players with thousands of games, including Slots and spins, many of which should be enjoyed in landscape view on mobile devices. But Limited stakes casino gambling from legal gambling sites, with verified CHF payment methods.

Online casinos: a new digital world of gaming

The booming online gaming industry is increasing among Swiss gamblers. Games can be played on PCs, notebooks, mobile devices, tablet machines and tablets. Every casino licensed in Switzerland is managed by an offline casino, licensed by the country itself. In cases of regulated Swiss online casinos like Jackpots.ch, the emphasis is on players in Switzerland rather than players in the UK. The online gambling facilities are operated from Switzerland and operated by the same company as other online casinos that operate in the United States.

Casino Online – See if the promotions catch your eye – Casino games

Which is a good casino in Switzerland? All of this will depend on whether the product is either a subjective or objective piece of writing. Subjectively Good things are things designed that interest you by your personal interests or aesthetic and creative traits. The website has a design that matches the sorts of things which you prefer. For example, one focus on a game tailor you like or one offering bonuses that match up your deposit. A great promotional page should have both – and a good promotional product in a creative and imaginative sense. Now for the next point.

Gambling in Switzerland – Overview about Swiss Online casinos and Land-Based Casinos

It’s found 19 casinos spread across Switzerland. Under 1921 regulations, the National lottery stayed illegal, but state lots were organized in Switzerland. There are 11 race tracks and 11 racetracks within Switzerland. In April 2000, the federal law on online games gambling was granted gambling unlimited stakes. The reorganization of the gaming market also involved dividing the game into two categories: games of skill and games of chance. Only playing. Maybe that would happen. Allowed play in Swiss casinos. The United States banned gambling in 1921. Some game providers like Evolution Gaming, Netent gaming, Brick and mortar gaming etc., most popular gaming software were leased by the regulated Swiss market.

Swiss Online Casinos offers a wide range of games.

For thrill-seekers, we also have a classic Baccarat live game Playtech/Eurolive. This is Swiss roulette, a new casino based at the Pfeffikon for customers who are residents. Watch live online while a ball is spinning through a roulette wheel. The excitement of the game is transmitted to you directly at home and provides an authentic environment! For this to happen, several camera systems are located around the table called DualTable. There are many games direct from the table from Playtechs, and Euro lives.

The Casino for Book of Ra Slots – Top-rated Casino Games

In the Book of Ra, you will embark on thrilling pyramid adventures and search for the pharaoh’s riches hidden in the ancient pyramids. Several Ra slots are available in different formats like Book. This unique slot is rich in cryptic hieroglyphic glyphs and awesome additional features. Many of these slots online include more fun additional features as free games. Conclusion: – This game in online casinos must be a must-have and features high-quality gaming – Test it for yourself in Star Vegas! Book of legends. Ra magical or book from. Ra magic at an online casino.

These Roulette Games are available on StarVegas.

Online roulette games can have an enjoyable time on any screen, or even the most compact screen is fun to play roulette on. The Lux Roulette has modern innovative, safe and exciting gameplay that gamers expect of our StarVegas-branded brand. Enjoy European roulette: The tables offer stylish gambling pleasure without wearing the tie at this top-rated game. The upcoming arrival! Lux Roulette: The table offers luxurious entertainment, not wearing tights. European roulette provides luxurious fun while playing without having to make a tie!

Make sure they support your preferred payment method.

Most quality betting sites have several payment options. All the information must be easy to locate within terms. Please check whether the games online offer you the payment method you prefer. You’ll also want to find things like the processing time and charges. In case there is no information available, please contact customer service. Keep an eye on your time of processing fees & time of processing in this area. Watch IM Report.com live on Casino news and betting tips. Return to the site you’re ” to get some latest information.

Ready to sign up for online casinos in Switzerland?

You should have an optional option to restrict how much you spend. It’s not a problem, and many have not thought it was important. One important fact is that each account has a person on top of it. In some cases, that can extend to your home address and sometimes the IP address according to the site rules. The next thing you probably have is a password. This needs both powerful and unusual to make the risk of an account. You accept the terms and conditions, confirm the details, and you get back playing. You should also get the option to limit what you spend on the website.

What payment methods are available at online casinos in Switzerland?

If you are in Switzerland, your preferred choice of currency is Swiss Francs. Several online casinos offer several payment options like credit cards and debit cards. Some such as BitcoinStarz and CryptoWild accept cryptocurrency. If she doesn’t he the games start anyway. You can change your Swiss account information to your favoured online casinos if you’re curious about withdrawing funds. The casinos generally pay you with the same method you’ve made the deposit. There are options like Neteller and Skrill.

Debit/Credit card

You can’t now play online Swiss casinos just with cash. However, it needs reliable credit or debit cards. Almost everywhere. We’re sure you know how it is all worked out.


The two most popular e-wallets are Neteller and Skrill. If you have an online casino that doesn’t have francs, you have the options above. Register with Simple and Free! You can sign in if you have several deposit options in your account, and you can begin to play or trade. Honestly, it’s a perfect combination: professional names, secure systems, a proven track record and full anonymity. It is just as secure and anonymous as a cryptocurrency. This was very simple.


The rules of your chosen internet casino concerning pay or withdraw not change depending on the country. For the country’s national citizens, their favourite digital wallet for this particular situation is the one that is a household name in this world. For many citizens, however, e-wallets are now a turning point in this direction. The rules don’t affect you when you use an online casino in Switzerland, but according to the rules for online casinos, perhaps in your country.


Bitcoin is a widely accepted cryptocurrency of a huge amount. Whenever you use an online casino in Switzerland looking for a change of way to pay online – particularly if you want to remain anonymous or secure. As far as cryptocurrency can be trusted, we always suggest using bitcoin.

Are Swiss casino winnings taxed?

Swiss regulations separate casino betting from lotteries. Betting earnings at foreign operators remain a big concern. Will this mandatory tax be imposed? Well not. You’ve never heard this from us. Casino winnings are not taxed up to 35% if they exceed 50 CHF. Then there’s no way for gambling owners to avoid paying tax. Otherwise, you cannot run this business in Switzerland. You can use them to avoid the VAT on foreign betting income from overseas operators, according to John Defterio.

Customer Support at Swiss Online Casinos

Switzerland online casinos provide instant chat support and short hours of customer service. In case of. Non-immediate requests can often be handled by email though response time averages 12 to 24 hours. We also look at the availability of phone support, but this one is not considered a deal-breaker due to its efficiency. Swiss Casino’s customers’ support will never be darkened. Revert to Mail Online en page en. On the page, you can purchase it from IReport.

Online mobile and flexible: Your online casino on the go!

Enjoy StarVegas entertainment on all devices, thanks to our updated software. Start playing immediately following your registration by making your first deposit wherever you are. A bonus casino also offers as a greetings card and as a welcome present. All you need here is an internet connection to the phone, computer tablets or smartphones. And your fun at our online casino starts. You must deposit to play with Switzerland currency.

Casino Bonuses and welcome bonus for Swiss players

Schweiz is the second-highest online casino globally to have the largest stake in the European gambling industry. Among special casino offers in Switzerland is bonus money courtesy of free spins, daily promotions and month-end prizes. Casino bonuses vary from welcome bonuses to Free Spins as well as a daily to monthly promotion. Most promotions feature a wagering requirement before we can withdraw winnings claiming the bonus.

Generous welcome bonuses and promotions of Online Gambling

Rewards include free spins and matched bonus codes. Even without putting in any funds, a No-Deposit Bonus is available. Online casinos in Switzerland have been acclaimed for dealing with past clients. Long after you deposit, a deposit bonus will appear as a reward for being a loyal customer. The majority casino also runs promotions that award cash prizes, like ladder races and slots tournaments. Before you take the leap and register your data, it is a good idea to shop for the best deals. Visit [link].

Relevant legislation gambling in Switzerland

Cash games of luck are under the supervision of the Federal Gaming Board. The SFGB controls the regulation of Casinos and ensures their compliance with the Federal Act of Games. SFGB is also the body that makes decisions concerning whether a game is a game of chance, a game of skill and a game of skill. The Board also serves as a public authority independent of the Department for Justice and Public Safety which is also a cantonal commission. More about Swiss gambling laws can be found here.

Join the best Swiss casino sites for 2023

Registering for an online Swiss casino is an easy process. There are most casinos online in French and Italian. Transactions will be accepted in Swiss francs, but you can easily make a change to another currency. The welcome bonus is constant. Make an online Swiss casino today and grab a great chance to claim a huge bonus. Please signup here to claim your bonuses at the best Swiss casinos. If you’re after additional information, visit [link].

Land-based Gambling Laws in Switzerland

Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons similar to that of the US States. Each canton has certain gaming laws which apply to local betting activities. Swiss regulations and rules on the game have separate federal laws and cantonal laws. Federal law applies throughout the country, and each canton has its own betting laws, such as those within the canton. There are also several laws about online gaming in Switzerland.

Software Providers and Gaming Selection for Swiss Customers

Online slots accepting players from Switzerland come from the likes: Net Entertainment Play N GO Microgaming Nyx Interactive Scientific Games. Swiss casinos play like Swiss army knives. Swiss casino games range from slots to table games. These machines are available in several shapes and sizes. Swiss customers enjoy the luxury of utilizing the library of most of the most respected software companies to play gaming.

Claim Free Spins, Free Chips and Much More!

Gambling in Switzerland- This website is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy. Activate your account and enjoy our fantastic deal.


Can I trust real money casinos?

The Swiss Federal Council granted a licence to use Online Gaming. He also runs under the supervision of the ESBK Federal Gaming Board is ISO 27001 certified.

Can I play online casino games on my mobile phone?

Starveda.ch’s Web site is responsive and mobile-able. The same can be done by downloading it for your smartphone. Find us the app for Android and iPhone here.

Do I have to play with real money?

All StarVegas.ch slot machines can be tested for free. Check our promotion page and stay updated regarding the latest bonus offers.

Are there any online casinos with play money?

StarVegas.ch is an online casino to play online with real money as well as to explore free games.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings in online casinos?

Online winnings of casino games over 1 million will be subject to the taxation of the funds.